Accepted at session of the Editorial Board on December 23, 2004.

Updated on October 30, 2013.


The journal “Siberian Gerald of Psychiatry and Addiction Psychiatry” publishes original articles and scientific reviews on relevant questions of medical science and practice, information about meetings, conferences and symposiums.

Guidelines have been prepared according to requirements of High Attestation Commission for periodicals included  into the List of leading peer-reviewed  scientific publications where basic scientific results of doctoral and master’s theses should be published, with account for recommendations of Russian Science Citation Index.

For publication of an article, author should provide materials and documents as follows:

· referral from organization on letter-head with full and abbreviated  name of organization (in Russian and English languages) with stamp and signature of the official having issued this document (1 copy)

· manuscript (or scanned variant) of the article with signatures of all authors. Signing, each author thereby transfers rights for publication of his/her article to Editorial Staff. E-variant of the article is sent to editorial office on electronic medium or by e-mail. Corresponding author, his/her addresses (regular post and e-mail), tel. (office and mobile) should be indicated.

Editorial Board of “Siberian Gerald of Psychiatry and Addiction Psychiatry” draws attention of authors to necessity to observe the following rules during writing and design of articles for publication:

1. Titles of articles should correspond to the following requirements: they should be informative; contain only conventional abbreviations; in translation of titles of the articles into English language there should not be transliterations from Russian language, beyond untranslatable proper names, devices and other objects having proper names; untranslatable slang known only  by Russian-speaking specialists should not be used as well. This concerns also abstracts and key words.

2. Family names of authors of the articles in English language are provided in one of the accepted international systems of transliteration.

















































































3. Structure of the article must contain the following:

· title of the article,

· names of authors,

· name of institution where the work has been done,

· abstract,

· key words in Russian and English languages,

· introduction(brief),

· objective of investigation,

· material and methods of investigation,

· results of investigation and their discussion,

· conclusions,

· references.

The following indications in titles of articles are not permitted: report 1, 2 etc., part 1, 2 etc.

4. Table must contain only necessary data and represent summarized and statistically processed materials. Each table is provided with title and inserted into text after paragraph with the first reference to it.

5. Amount of graphical material should be minimum (not more than 3 figures). Each figure should have title (under the figure) that explains all its elements. For construction of graphics and diagrams Microsoft Office Excel should be used. Each figure is inserted into text as an object of Microsoft Office Excel.

6. References in text should be provided in square brackets according to numeration in list of references. List of references for original article should contain not less than 5 and not more than 25 references. For scientific review and summarizing articles there should not be more than 60 references. List of references is composed in alphabetical order – firstly native, then foreign authors.

List of references is provided in two variants: 1) according to State Standard R 7.0.5 2008 (Russian variant together with foreign references); 2) variant in Roman alphabet repeating list of references  to Russian part, irrespective of whether there are or there are not foreign references in it.

7. Size of the article (Microsoft Office Word in one file) must not exceed 10 pages of format А4 (font 12 points Times New Roman, 1,5-spaced, margins: left, right, top, bottom – 2 cm), including tables, schemata, figures and references. Publication of the article with more than 10 pages is possible under condition of additional payment (every subsequent page is paid as follows: 1 page – 350 rubles).

Providing the article, indices of the article (UDC, LBC) should be indicated according to tables of the Universal Decimal Classification and Library-Bibliographic Classification available at libraries of medical (not general) profile.

The article should be submitted with abstract in Russian and English languages containing 100-250 words (according to State Standard 7.9-95 – 850 characters, not less than 10 lines) with summary of subject of the article and basic available in it results. Abstract in English language must in the beginning of the text contain title of the article, initials and names of authors.

Presence of key words in Russian and English languages is necessary.

Indication of affiliations of all authors (with full names), their positions and contact information is obligatory.

Editorial staff reserves the right of reduction and editing of the articles.

In one issue of the journal only one article of the author (the first author) may be published.

The journal is issued at the expense of authors, subscribers and sponsors.

Publication fee from postgraduate students (the only author) is not taken. Postgraduate status must be certified by Head of institution. Original of certificate with stamp of the institution should be sent by regular post to editorial office.

Submitting text of the paper for publication in the journal, author guarantees correctness of all information about him/her, absence of plagiarism and other forms of improper borrowing in the manuscript of work, proper design of all borrowings of text, tables, schemata, and illustrations. Authors of published materials are responsible for selection and accuracy of introduced facts, citations, statistical data and other information.

Editorial staff is not responsible for authenticity of information introduced by authors. The author submitting the manuscript, takes personal responsibility for originality of the investigation, entrusts the Editorial staff to promulgate his/her work through its publication in press.

Deliberate misappropriation of the authorship of work of science, thoughts, arts or invention belonging to somebody else is regarded as plagiarism. Plagiarism can be violation of author-legal legislation and patent legislation and as such can entail juridical responsibility of the Author. The author guarantees availability in him/her exclusive rights on use of material submitted to editorial staff. In case of violation of this guarantee and presentation of claims to editorial staff in this association, Author is obliged to settle all claims independently and at his/her expense. Editorial staff is not responsible to third parties for violation of the guarantees given by the Author.

Editorial staff reserves the right to refer articles for additional reviewing. In this case, terms of publication are delayed. Materials of additional expertise are presented to the author.

Submission of materials to editorial staff for publication means that the author agrees the above requirements.




Editorial staff selects, prepares for publication and publishes materials submitted by authors. Copyright on specific article belongs to authors of the article. The author submits and editorial staff accepts authors’ materials under the following conditions:

1) to editorial staff the right is given on design, issuing, delivery of the Journal  with published material  of the Author for purposes of abstracting of the articles from it  in Abstract Journal of All-Russian Institute of Scientific and Technical Information, Russian Science Citation Index and databases, dissemination of the Journal/authors’ materials in printed and e-publications including placement on websites selected or created by editorial staff in open aces in the Internet as well as  on dissemination of the Journal  with published material of the Author by subscription;

2) territory where use of authors’ material is permitted – Russian Federation, countries of CIS, foreign countries;

3) author confirms timeless right of Editorial staff on continuation of placement of author’s material  in the Internet;

4) editorial staff has the right at its discretion without any agreements  with the Author to make transactions  and agreements  with third parties directed at additional measures on protection of copying and publishing rights;

5) author guarantees that the article is an original work and use of author’s material submitted by him/her to editorial staff will not violate rights of third parties;

6) during reprinting of the article or its part, reference to the first publication in the journal is obligatory.



Reviewing and editing


All articles submitted to editorial staff are reviewed independently. Authors receive copies of reviews; originals are kept at editorial office of the journal and are provided if requested by expert councils of High Attestation Commission of Russian Federation.

If in the review there is indication of necessity to revise the article so it is referred to the author for revision. In this case, as date of submission to editorial office date of return of revised article is regarded.

The article referred to the author for revision should be returned in revised kind within maximum short terms. To the revised manuscript, the letter containing answers to all comments and explaining all changes made in the article should be attached.   Revised article, if necessary, is repeatedly referred for review. Article requiring revision after review is removed from consideration if it is not returned by the authors more than three months.

In case of disagreement with opinion of the reviewer, the author of the article has the right to provide well-reasoned answer to the editorial staff of the journal. On the decision of the Editorial Board, the article may be referred for repeated reviewing to another specialist.

Editorial staff reserves the right to alter the manuscript without distortion of its sense (literary and technological editing).


Manuscripts and electronic media are not returned to the authors.

Manuscripts designed not according to above guidelines are not considered and not returned. Editorial staff does not accept manuscripts of papers published earlier elsewhere. Editorial staff reserves the right of scientific and literary editing of the article.

Proofs are not sent to the authors, all further verification is carried out by editorial staff according to authors’ original.


Publication of the article. Payment of publication fee


Decision about purposefulness of publication is made my Editorial Board based on received expert evaluations from reviewers. If the matter has received positive decision, Agreement and requisite elements for payment are sent to the author.

Publications in the journal are paid, publication fee of one article – 3500 rubles, including VAT. Only articles of postgraduate students are published free of charge if the author is the only one and he/she has provided certificate from place of study. On arrival of the publication fee, article is included into the nearest issue of the journal and is published within a period not exceeding 6 months. Copy of the journal is not granted to the author.

Publication fee is increased,

- if the author receives services on translation of metadata of the article from Russian into English language (title of the article, abstract, key words, references, information about authors),  UDC, LBC – additionally up to 500 rubles;

- if necessary, color illustrations to the article may be published – additionally 2000 rubles (1 page).


Articles should be referred to editorial office:

Address of editorial office: Tomsk, 634014, Aleutskaya Street, 4, FSBI “Mental Health Research Institute” SB RAMSci, Editorial-Publishing Group

Tel. for inquiries: (3822) 72-43-97

Fax: (3822) 72-44-25

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.