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ISSN 1810-3111

Theoretical and practical peer-reviewed journal “Siberian Gerald of Psychiatry and Addiction Psychiatry” is published since 1996 in 1 000 copies, volume of about 100 pages of format А4. Journal has been registered in the State Committee of Russian Federation on Press as an organ of central press (Certificate of registration no. 017413 of 1998-04-10). Certificate of reregistration of mass medium PI no. 77-13364 of 2002-08-19 has been issued  by Ministry of Russian Federation on press, TV and radio broadcasting  and means of mass communications. ISSN 1810-3111. By resolution no. 8 of Bureau of Clinical Medicine Department of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences of 2004-01-22, the journal has been included into the List of periodical scientific and technical publications issued in Russian Federation where basic scientific results of doctoral theses should be published. Territory of dissemination of the journal: Russian Federation, countries of CIS, foreign countries.

This periodical, the only one behind Ural, publishes papers of scientists and practitioners-psychiatrists not only from regions of Siberia and Far East but also of European part of Russia as well as from the near and far abroad. The journal publishes articles on psychiatry, addiction psychiatry (including medico-biological problems), psychotherapy, medical psychology. The journal is issued regularly with periodicity four issues a year during 17 years. At the present time the journal has acquired wide recognition and popularity among specialists. Till November 1, 2013, 80 issues have been published.

The journal is disseminated among doctors and researchers working on problems of mental health, officials and specialists of agencies of healthcare of regions of Russian Federation, across countries of CIS, Research Institutes of SB RAMSci; across medical institutions and research centers of Tomsk Region; into central and Siberian libraries; by subscription; into all medical libraries; subscription is accomplished through Scientific E-Library (

Editorial Office:

Russia, 634014, Tomsk, Aleutskaya Street, 4. Federal State Budgetary Institution “Mental Health Research Institute” of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Editorial-Publishing Group.

Tel.: (382-2) 72-35-16, fax: (382-2) 72-44-25.

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Federal State Budgetary Institution “Mental Health Research Institute” of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (FSBI “MHRI” SB RAMSci).

Basic rubrics:

Biological research in psychiatry and addiction psychiatry, Clinical psychiatry, Clinical  addiction psychiatry, Child-adolescent psychiatry, Psychosomatic disorders, Psychotherapy and medical psychology, Social psychiatry, Gerontopsychiatry, Ecological psychiatry, Psychopharmacotherapy, Ethnopsychiatry and ethnoaddictology, Penitentiary psychiatry, Organization of psychiatric help, New medical technologies, Lectures, Reviews, News from region, Jubilees.